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Album Release Date Is August 4th 2017

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Deadweight Deadweight - Digital Download

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Deadweight Deadweight - CD
Deadweight Cotton Candy Deadweight Cotton Candy - Vinyl LP

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Skull Candle Holder Black Skull Candle Holder Black - T-Shirt
Eagle Black Eagle Black - T-Shirt
Floral Deadweight Black Floral Deadweight Black - T-Shirt
Pocket Candle Coffin Black Pocket Candle Coffin Black - T-Shirt
Deadweight Black Deadweight Black - Long Sleeve Shirt
Snake Rose Black Snake Rose Black - TankTop

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Logo Black Logo Black - Sweatpants
Deadweight Deadweight - Backpack
Coffin  Screen Printed Coffin Screen Printed - Poster
Logo  Enamel Logo Enamel - Pin
Logo Black Logo Black - Socks
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