The Complete Discography

CIV , Equal Vision Records
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The complete 43-track discography of NYC punk-rock band, CIV. Best known for their hit song "Can't Wait One Minute More," this 2-disc release contains the band's 1995 debut album Set Your Goals, their second and final release Thirteen Day Getaway, plus b-sides, live tracks, and rehearsal recordings from the CIV archive.



1. Set Your Goals
2. Do Something
3. So Far, So Good... So What
4. State Of Grace
5. Can't Wait One Minute More
6. Trust Slips Through Your Hands
7. Gang Opinion
8. Choices Made
9. Solid Bond
10. Marching Goals
11. United Kids
12. Soundtrack For Violence
13. Boring Summer
15. All Twisted
16. Don't Got To Prove It
17. Blessed
18. Glue
19. Social Climber
20. Sausages?
21. Don't Got to Prove It
22. Can't Wait One Minute More
23. United Kids
24. Soundtrack For Violence
25. Can't Wait One Minute More


1. Secondhand Superstar
2. Big Girl
3. Itchycoo Park
4. Haven't Been Myself In A While
5. Everyday
6. Shout It
7. Owner's Manual
8. Something Special
9. Using Someone Else
10. It's Not Your Fault
11. Living Life
12. Ordinary
13. Little Men
14. Worms Eye View
15. Secondhand Superstar
16. Haven't Been Myself In A While
17. Everyday
18. Hard Times Are The Best Times

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