Chant4change Live

Mantralogy/Gaura Vani      

Chant4change Live


Hosted by the renowned yoga teacher and leader, Shiva Rea, Chant4Change is a music event that was held within view of the White House the night before Obama’s Inauguration. Featuring soul-warming chants of Grammy-nominated artist Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer and Gaura Vani, among others, Chant4Change Live is a piece of history in the story of the growing kirtan and chant lifestyle. The event ushered in a new era of spiritual intention and consciousness.

1. Govinda - Saul David Raye
2. Why We Chant - Shiva Rea
3. Saraswati Mata - Daphne Tse
4. Ayodhya Vasi Ram - Gaura Vani
5. Circular Process - Shiva Rea
6. Jaya Vittale - Dave Stringer
7. Jai Uttal - Rama Bolo

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