The Collection

Plug In Stereo


- All orders will get a digital delivery of "The Collection" on release date as well.
- None of these track have been available in physical format before.
- All tracks are remastered
- Free sampler will be delivered upon order.

Tracks 1-8 originally from DEMO release
Tracks 9-12 were from I WOULD BE IF I WAS
Track 13 The Christmas Song (itunes single)
Track 14 from Rockin' Romance 2
Tracks 15-19 were from The Escape EP

1. But I Can't
2. Hard To Sleep
3. Isn't That Sad
4. It Seems Like
5. For Once
6. I Can't Find Your Pulse
7. I've Been Thinking
8. Well, Isn't This Just Perfect
9. Rackets
10. Where I Am
11. Y-O-Y
12. Remember California
13. The Christmas Song (featuring The Ready Set)
14. Your Body is a Wonderland
15. Instrumental 1
16. Revolves Around Love
17. Instrumental 2
18. Who Are You?
19. Instrumental 3

1. But I Can't
2. Remember California
3. Revolves Around Love
4. Instrumental 1

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