Warts & All - Vol. 4

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1. [DISC ONE] Set One: tuning
2. Set One: Threw It All Away
3. Set One: St. Augustine
4. Set One: Waiting for the Punchline
5. Set One: Happy Hour Hero
6. Set One: Backwoods
7. Set One: Y.O.Y.
8. Set One: Recreational Chemistry
9. [DISC TWO] Set One continued: The Harder They Come
10. Set Two: tuning
11. Set Two: Dr. Graffenberg
12. Set Two: Havah Negliah
13. Set Two: Time Ed
14. Set Two: Water
15. 7. Untitled
16. [DISC THREE] Set Two continued: Yodelittle
17. Set Two continued: Rebubula
18. Set Two continued: I Know You Rider
19. Set Two continued: Banter
20. Set Two continued: Bearsong

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