This Patch of Sky      

These Small Spaces 06

This Bundle Includes:
These Small Spaces Clear with Blue Splatter Vinyl LP

Full Album Digital Download delivered via email on the release date
Instant Track "Bella Muerte" sent at the time of purchase

11X17 Land Poster

Flower Dark Grey Heather T-Shirt

Tree Heather Navy Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

Album Release Date Is September 22nd 2017

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  1. Hiraeth
  2. Coordinates
  3. Pale Lights
  4. Paper Mountains
  5. Her Beating Wings
  6. Under Vermilion Cliffs
  7. Bella Muerte
  8. What Once Was Lost
  9. Pale Lights (This Will Destroy You Remix)

Equal Vision Records
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Tree Heather Navy

Flower Dark Grey Heather