Entombed A.D Back To The Front Blue

Entombed A.D.      

Entombed A.D Back To The Front Blue

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Entombed clawed their way up from the depths of hell one more time. So, what awaits the listener on “Back To The Front” Produced by Roberto Laghi (In Flames, Hardcore Superstar) at Studio Bohus (Abba, Europe) in Kungälv, it’s 666% true to the Entombed sound everybody loves, just under a new name. While not falling for total regression back to the early classics “Left Hand Path” or “Clandestine”, it is a total bone-crushing opus that will have fans of all periods cry tears of joy and even the most stubborn fan of the early days join in shame. From the morbid, pissed-off lyrics over down tuned massive riffs to the inimitable brick-heavy groove to L-G Petrov’s titanic roar and to sweeten the boiling pot, “Back To The Front” will not only deliver musically but also visually with its stunning cover art painting by Necropolitus Cracoviensis Zbgniew Bielak II (Watain, Ghost, Vader).

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