Decades Of Devil Worship Black Vinyl

Decades Of Devil Worship Black Vinyl

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Highlighting over 25 years since the birth of the UK extreme metal greats, with a storming live satanic assault of classics from Akercocke’s early repertoire. Presented on black vinyl.

Throughout the years, Akercocke has become known for its savage and prodigious livework. And now, with a stunningly produced and meticulously delivered torrent of high-octane blackened death metal captured live in at the Underworld in London in 2007, Akercocke blast through a collection of tracks lifted from the classic debut, ‘Rape of the Bastard Nazarene’, and follow-up album ‘The Goat of Mendes’ for a night of pure satanic magic with ‘Decades of Devil Worship’, a hellish and eclectic journey through the ritualistic and the profane.

Towering above the vast majority of nefarious contemporary noisemakers, London’s Akercocke erupted across the consciousness of the UK metal scene in the late ‘90s, wielding a fiendishly inventive blend of death, black and progressive metal. Their distinctive, smartly-dressed demeanour and eloquent preoccupation with all things dark and Satanic marked them out both as ferociously individual artists and enlightened students of the pitch-black sonic code. Immediately embraced by the British faithful upon the release of debut album ‘Rape Of The Bastard Nazarene’, Akercocke spent the following decade leading the creative charge for their entire native scene.

Akercocke received widespread acclaim for follow-up album ‘The Goat of Mendes’ (Peaceville, 2001) and despite enjoying furious momentum over the following years, the release of fifth album ‘Antichrist’ in 2007 signalled the end of the first chapter of the Akercocke story, when the band retreated into the shadows and remained dormant for the best part of a decade until a triumphant return was marked with the stellar Peaceville return, ‘Renaissance in Extremis’, released in 2017.

This edition of 'Decades of Devil Worship' is presented on black vinyl with printed inner sleeve.

A.1. Conjuration (live) [02:01]
A.2. Hell (live) [04:26]
A.3. Nadja (live) [02:57]
A.4. The Goat (live) [01:08]
A.5. Marguerite & Gretchen (live) [05:59]
A.6. Zuleika (live) [04:17]
A.7. Il Giardino di Monte Oliveto Maggiore (live) [04:22]
B.1. Justine (live) [03:39]
B.2. Of Menstrual Blood And Semen (live) [06:08]
B.3. A Skin For Dancing In (live) [07:04]
B.4. The Horns Of Baphomet (live) [07:25]

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