Peace Until Death (Peaceville Complication) 2CD

Peace Until Death (Peaceville Complication) 2CD

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Double disc CD edition. Alternate versions and unreleased tracks from a quartet of top Peaceville death metal acts, including a bonus disc covering over 30 years of brutality on Peaceville featuring bands such as Autopsy, Paradise Lost, Darkthrone, Opeth, Behemoth and more.

Featuring four of Peaceville’s current death metal artists, ‘Peace Till Death’ presents eight tracks of brutality from Autopsy, Cancer, Morta Skuld and Static Abyss.

With Autopsy’s latest masterwork ‘Ashes, Organs, Blood & Crypts’ just released to rave reviews, the legendary lords of gore supply two alternate versions of album tracks prepared especially for this limited release. This is followed by original UK greats Cancer presenting a brand new and exclusive track in the form of ‘Enter the Gates’, a malicious dose of old school metal in Cancer’s distinguishable fashion, leading on to a brand new 2023 “re-dip” cover version of the classic ‘Into the Acid’ from the band’s debut, ‘To the Gory End’.

Next up is long-standing US death masters Morta Skuld, presenting a new track taster in demo form from their upcoming album due for release March 2024 plus, highlighting 30 years since the release of debut ‘Dying Remains’, this release also includes a new rendition of the title track itself. Rounding out the release is Static Abyss, the recently formed act from Greg Wilkinson and Chris Reifert of Autopsy, with two exclusive alternate versions of tracks from their recently released second opus of eerie & monumental death, ‘Aborted from Reality’.

This CD edition of ‘Peace Till Death’ also includes a bonus disc featuring an expansive look at Peaceville’s close association with the genre spanning over three decades, including early masters of the scene such as Paradise Lost, Autopsy, Cancer and Darkthrone, through other influential acts such as At the Gates, Vital Remains plus more progressive death from Opeth and Barren Earth, as well as a whole selection of masters of darkness such as Bloodbath, Behemoth and Napalm Death. Artwork appears courtesy of Mark Riddick, and includes a 20 page booklet.

1. Toxic Death Fuk (Alternate Version) [02:41]
2. Marrow Fiend (Alternate Version) [03:31]
3. Enter The Gates [05:08]
4. Into The Acid (2023 Version) [02:57]
5. Perfect Prey (Demo version) [03:23]
6. Dying Remains (Demo Version) [05:10]
7. Unrepentant Mutant Serpent (Alternate Version) [04:07]
8. Horizon of Cremains (Alternate Version) [03:50]

1. Severed Survival [03:28]
2. C.F.C. [02:58]
3. Breeding Fear [04:14]
4. Insanity Reigns Supreme [03:26]
5. Sunrise Over Locus Mortis [03:31]
6. Asphyxiate With Fear [04:00]
7. Malevolent Invocation [04:11]
8. Malignant Dreams [02:33]
9. Misery Hunt [03:26]
10. The Forever People [04:09]
11. Leave The Flesh [03:01]
12. Beyond Good And Evil [02:37]
13. Consuming Existence [03:50]
14. Skinned [02:39]
15. Serenity Painted Death [09:13]
17. 16 Horrors [01:16]
18. The Harlot Ov The Saints [02:47]
19. Narcoleptic [02:28]
20. The Abominator [02:34]
21. Process Of Disillumination [03:09]
22. Forlorn Waves [04:39]
23. Morgue Rat Fever [02:11]

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