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Broadway Calls - Toxic Kids

All For Hope Records is pleased to announce the release of the new BROADWAY CALLS 12”, “Toxic Kids”. The 6 song 12” was recorded by Jack Shirley (Comadre) at his Atomic Garden Studio in the Bay Area, and fully captures the angst and energy of a perfect BROADWAY CALLS house show! While still riding high on their newest full length for Side One Dummy Records, “Good Views, Bad News”, this blast of energy is exactly what the fans need to get them through to the next full-length. This release is limited to a one-time pressing! 200 red, 200 highlighter yellow, and 600 black!

  1. I'm So Ready To Be Done With My 20's
  2. I Never Made The Team
  3. Denver
  4. Toxic Kids
  5. Horizons And Histories
  6. Stealing Sailboats

All For Hope Records Broadway Calls
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