Fate's Got A Driver White Colored


Fate's Got A Driver White Colored

The long out of print classic LP is finally available on limited color vinyl with fully redesigned artwork. In addition to the 8 original tracks are 5 previously unreleased and rare tracks.

In addition, each LP will include a download code including all the songs on the LP plus additional b-sides and bonus videos.

Limited to 500.

  1. Her Side Of Sundown - (Side A)
  2. Street Singer - (Side A)
  3. Yellow Like Gold - (Side A)
  4. Five Year Diary - (Side A)
  5. Uniontown - (Side A)
  6. Surrendering The Ghost - (Side A)
  7. Drums And Shotguns - (Side A)
  8. Uniontown (Split Lip Demo For Anti-Matter Fanzine) - (Side B)
  9. The Simple Life - (Side B)
  10. From Infinity To The County Fair - (Side B)
  11. Racing Cincinnati - (Side B)
  12. Everything Here - (Side B)
  13. Street Singer (Live At CBGB) - (Side B)

Doghouse Records
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