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10 Years of Think Fast! Records Picture Disc LP

To celebrate 10 years of Think Fast! Records, we’ve compiled our first ever 10” vinyl record (picture disc), complete with 10 exclusive songs spanning the last decade of the label. Limited to only 500 copies, the release marks our 50th release to date and all orders come with a free digital download coupon.

  1. Ambitions "Lines I've Drawn" (new)
  2. This Is Hell "Rat Race" (new)
  3. Bullet Treatment "Devils" (new)
  4. Mountain Man "Grief" (new)
  5. Have Heart "Dig Somewhere Else" (never been released on vinyl)
  6. The Geeks "I Still Believe" (new)
  7. No Turning Back "Bitter Forever" (new)
  8. Esteem "Taken For All I Had" (never been released on vinyl)
  9. Outbreak "Fuck Armageddon...This Is Hell" (previously unreleased, Bad Religion cover)
  10. Far From Finished "Treasure In The Trash" (new)

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