Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Both Deluxe LPs

Emerson, Lake & Palmer      

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Both Deluxe LPs

The classic debut album demonstrates the influences they brought with them, which is clear in the mix of instrumental and vocal pieces. Includes the bands first single “Lucky Man”. Ambitious, and technically astounding.
· On black, 180 gram audiophile vinyl

Track Listing:
A1. The Barbarian
A2. Take A Pebble
A3. Knife Edge

B1. The Three Fates: Clotho/Lachesis/Atropus
B2. Tank
B3. Lucky Man

Originally released in 1971, the bands second album is dominated by the antiwar “Tarkus” suite, originally forming the whole side of the album. A true Classic!

• On black, 180 gram audiophile vinyl
• Original Gatefold Package

Track Listing:
A1. Tarkus (Eruption/Stones Of Years/Iconoclast/Mass/Manticore/The Battlefield/Aquatarkus

B1. Jeremy Bender B2. Bitches Crystal B3. The Only Way B4. Infinite Space B5. A Time And A Place B6. A You Ready Eddy?

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