Matt Pond The State Of Gold

Matt Pond      

Matt Pond The State Of Gold

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  • The State of Gold CD

    Doghouse Records Release
    Matt Pond PA are one of indie rock’s most unique and prolific bands, with nine full length albums, ten EPs and innumerable tours as well as features on The O.C. and in a long-running Starbucks holiday commercial. They couldn’t be more excited to do it all again with their brand new album, The State Of Gold.

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  1. More No More
  2. There Were Times
  3. Take Me With You
  4. Emptiness
  5. The Starting Line
  6. A Second Lasts a Second
  7. The State of Gold Pt. 1
  8. Don’t Look Down
  9. Four Eyes
  10. History of Canada
  11. Have to Know
  12. The State of Gold Pt 2
  13. Spaceland
  14. Louisville (LP Only)

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