Turning Point      

Discography 1988-1991 Black 2 X LP

Out of press on vinyl for several years, Think Fast is proud to offer a revamped version of Turning Point’s seminal double LP discography including the original demo on a bonus 7. Remastered for vinyl and features 9 tracks from the band’s WNYU radio show that were absent from the original release – 47 songs in all including a download card. Updated layout and packaging including a rugged gatefold jacket with tons of rare photos. Under exclusive license from Jade Tree.

  1. Before The Dawn
  2. Running In Place
  3. Guidance
  4. Face Up
  5. Turn It Around
  6. Shadow Of Lies
  7. Life Goes On
  8. Prophecy
  9. Descent
  10. Growing Stronger
  11. Get It Back
  12. Feeding The Fire
  13. Behind This Wall
  14. Thursday
  15. Anxiety Asking
  16. Broken
  17. My Turn To Win
  18. Insecurity
  19. To Lose
  20. The Few And The Proud
  21. Empty Promises
  22. Never Again
  23. Over The Line
  24. Turning Point
  25. Will To Speak (live)
  26. Watching It Fall (live)
  27. Before The Dawn (live)
  28. Insecurity (live)
  29. Over The Line (live)
  30. Guidance (live)
  31. Broken (live)
  32. Shadow Of Lies (live)
  33. Down (live)
  34. Running In Place (live)
  35. Thursday (live)
  36. Hollow Inside (live)
  37. Unexpressed (live)
  38. Undertow (live)
  39. Turning Point (live)
  40. To Lose (demo) (bonus track)
  41. Face Up (demo) (bonus track)
  42. Never Again (demo) (bonus track)
  43. Behind My Back (demo) (bonus track)
  44. Turning Point (demo) (bonus track)
  45. Curtain Falls (demo) (bonus track)
  46. Empty Promises (demo) (bonus track)

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