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Evil Inc. Kid Crazy And The Kilowatt King Comic

72-Page “Kid Crazy” Children’s Picture Book

Claudio Sanchez leaked news in a interview with Nerdist last week that he has completed a children's picture book and it’s slated for release this fall. The book, entitled "Kid Crazy and the Kilowatt King” follows a young boy who thirsts for adventure in the bustling and colorful City of Ever. In the story, a robot named Denunzio Spatta Gots warns Kid of the grumpy Kilowatt King, who forces visitors to the city to sing for him. The two set sail in a car made of bread through beautiful and bizarre landscapes, passing extraordinary sights like candy bar men, robot travelers, and dancing elephants. When Kid eventually comes face to face with the curmudgony king, he decides it’s time someone teaches the rotten ruler a lesson about the power of the word, “Please.”

"The idea for Kid Crazy actually started as a rock opera in the vein of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars,” Sanchez confided, "but as it took shape, it began to feel like something that could appeal to a child's imagination; a kind of fantastic journey with a lesson."

The 72-page book features fantastical art from newcomer Arthur Mask, and will be published through One Peace Books. A pre-order was launched today on Sanchez’s own Evil Ink Comics’ website, www.evilink.com with some exclusive bundles will ship in time for the book’s October 4th street date.
Recommended ages 3+

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Kid Crazy And The Kilowatt King
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