Conformicide  Digipack


Conformicide Digipack

Conformicide - CD: Special Edition Digipak contains 2 bonus tracks not available on digital formats including the PANTERA classic “Slaughtered”.

Based on a decade’s worth of ruling hard in high tops, it would seem thrash metal’s younger generation is playing for keeps. Well, thrashers, moshers, and circle pit maniacs the greatest of the great has arrived in Havok’s new full-length, Conformicide, their first for Century Media Records. Havok’s Conformicide is undoubtedly their Master of Puppets or Rust in Peace moment, filled with a set of tunes that fume, spit, and storm high-end, pit-slaying thrash.

Make no mistake, Havok’s lyrics aren’t predicated on political leanings left or right. They’re actually observations of injustice, vociferations about the persuasive power of religion, and diatribes against greed that pair perfectly with Conformicide’s endless array of mind-boggling riffs, spiked runs, jagged turns, aggro thrusts, and clever motifs on songs such as “Ingsoc”, “Claiming Certainty”, and on opener “F.P.C.”

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