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Volume One 02

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"“Growing” is a running theme for Blue Heaven. Not only is it the powerful first single from the debut LP “Volume One” out June 15th on No Sleep Records, it also represents a state of mind for the indie rock quartet hailing from Maryland. In “Growing,” the song is about playing the victim and then realizing it takes two to make a relationship work as exhibited with the striking line “your lies are no better than mine.”

Spawned from the ashes of regional hardcore and punk bands from their younger days, the members of Blue Heaven traded blaring guitars and blasting drums for a more refined sound while still showcasing their energetic past. “Volume One” is a 12 track journey through frontman Levi Miller’s mind as he deals with heartache, regret, and passion. Self-recorded and self-produced over 2 years, the listener is dealt with the ebbs and flows of Miller’s inner turmoil during the recording process.

Where a record contains the energy of a song, the stage is a limitless platform for Blue Heaven to radiate their power. With plenty of tour dates on the horizon, it will only be a matter of time before Blue Heaven captures the eyes and ears of listeners across the country."

Track Listing
Second Guessing
What's Worse

Album Release Date Is June 15th 2018

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