From Ash

Empire is a 5 piece Hardcore/Death metal crossover band with members hailing from Boston, MA. The band is a coming of age tale where pissed off teenagers who gave it their all at shows got lost in adulthood. It’s a product of an older generation seeing the world for what it is now and feeling the nostalgia of a past outlet. Empire came from a passion that never died and rose from a time of new hardship, and reflection. The band began as an idea from the founding member in late 2015 and slowly formed from members who were once familiar faces of the local MA scene. The band officially became active in May of 2017, played their first show at a fest in NH and has been on a warpath since then. This gained the attention of Eulogy Recordings who is set to release their debut album, From Ash 6/29/18.

FFO: The Acacia Strain, Dying Fetus, Hatebreed.

  1. Chaos On The Road To Victory
  2. Spoiler Alert
  3. Bleeding Out
  4. From Ash
  5. Lost Souls
  6. The Beast
  7. My Empire
  8. Idiocracy

Eulogy Recordings
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