The Wake


The Wake

Voivod’s 14th studio album finds them offering a complex, epic storyline bolstered by some of the finest compositions of their career. This lineup of Voivod is firing on all cylinders. Hear and believe, Voivod lives!

VOIVOD – "The Wake":
1. Obsolete Beings
2. The End Of Dormancy
3. Orb Confusion
4. Iconspiracy
5. Spherical Perspective
6. Event Horizon
7. Always Moving
8. Sonic Mycelium

The US Digipak edition offers a 2nd CD with a bonus disc of 11 tracks, featuring the 5 songs off 2016’s “Post Society” EP as well 6 live tracks from 2018’s 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise.

VOIVOD – “Bonus Disc”
Post Society - EP:
1. Post Society
2. Forever Mountain
3. Fall
4. We Are Connected
5. Silver Machine

Live at 70000 Tons Of Metal Cruise 2018:
6. Inner Combustion (Live 2018)
7. Order Of The Blackguards (Live 2018)
8. Psychic Vacuum (Live 2018)
9. Lost Machine (Live 2018)
10. Fall (Live 2018)
11. Voivod (Live 2018)

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