Dark Tranquillity      

Fiction (Expanded Edition) Translucent Red

On vinyl for the very first time – the expanded edition of Dark Tranquillity‘s 2007 album “Fiction”. Package includes the original Fiction LP as well as a bonus 7" featuring all four of the expanded edition tracks. Limited to 1,000 copies on red vinyl with the bonus 7" on black vinyl, housed inside a black dust sleeve.

  1. Nothing To No One
  2. The Lesser Faith
  3. Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
  4. Blind At Heart
  5. Icipher
  6. Inside The Particle Storm
  7. Empty Me
  8. Misery's Crown
  9. Focus Shift
  10. The Mudane and the Magic
  11. A Closer End [Bonus Track]
  12. Winter Triangle [Bonus Track]
  13. Below The Radiance [Bonus Track]
  14. Silence In The House Of Tongues [Bonus Track]

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