Speakeasy Gold & Silver 2X

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Tooth & Nail Records is proud to announce for its 20th Anniversary, a VERY LIMITED, first-time-on-vinyl edition of Stavesacre’s 1999 classic “Speakeasy”, on 180 Gram “Gold and Silver” heavyweight 2 LP Vinyl Record /557 copies!

Executive supervised by Mark Salomon, this SUPER DELUXE, expanded release was completely remastered-for-vinyl at Capitol Records, and includes:
- A detailed liner note essay written by Mark inside a gatefold artwork jacket
- 4 Demos/Bonus Tracks recorded from the “Speakeasy” era (which were later featured on “Collective”)
- A Stavesacre emblem logo, hand-poured-wax-stamp-sealed Postcard set with 12 photographs taken by Mark during their 1999/2000 tour with lyric excerpts
- An “Old Fashioned Speakeasy” make-your-own-cocktail recipe. Co-Produced by Unoriginal Vinyl, with the utmost-attention-to-detail, having “recreated from scratch” all of the lost art layout files designed back in 1999, this reissue is one that you've had to 'keep waiting' for long enough, and finally, is SO worth it.

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