Slick Shoes      

Burn Out Clear W/ Blue Smoke

Limit of 2 vinyl per customer. Any orders for more than 2 vinyl will be refunded down to the limit during the shipping process.

Tooth & Nail Records is proud to announce a first-time-on-vinyl release of Slick Shoes’ 1998 seminal release “Burn Out”, on Clear with Blue Smoke vinyl record /477 copies!

This VERY limited edition release was remastered-for-vinyl at Capitol Records, and includes a new short liner note essay written by the band, detailing their studio experiences recording the album with Steve Krevac.

Co-Produced by Unoriginal Vinyl, with the utmost-attention-to-detail, having “recreated in vector... from scratch” ALL of the lost art layout files designed back in 1998, this reissue is a must-have for any fan of the band, old and new.

Tooth & Nail Records
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