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Blue Sky Noise: Ten Year Anniversary Edition

Celebrating the ten year anniversary of Blue Sky Noise, Circa Survive is commemorating the event with an exclusive 3xLP limited pressing of the Remastered Version of Blue Sky Noise and fan-favorite Appendage. This edition also includes previously unreleased demos from the Blue Sky Noise session called Appendage II. Featuring all new expanded packaging, triple gatefold jacket with the collection pressed on Pink, Yellow, and Blue vinyl. Each album will include a seeded wildflower download card that is fully-plantable and biodegradable. In addition, $1 for every album sold will be used to plant a tree through a donation to One Tree Planted. Learn more about One Tree Planted at

- Limited to 4,000 worldwide

Blue Sky Noise LP1
Side A
1. Strange Terrain
2. Get Out
3. Glass Arrows

Side B
1. I Felt Free
2. Imaginary Enemy
3. Through The Desert Alone

Blue Sky Noise LP2
Side A
1. Frozen Creek
2. Fever Dreams
3. Spirit Of The Stairwell

Side B
1. The Longest Mile
2. Compendium
3. Dyed In The Wool

Blue Sky Noise LP3
Side A - Appendage
1. Sleep Underground (Demo)
2. Stare Like You'll Stay
3. Everyway
4. Backmask
5. Lazarus

Side B - Appendage II
1. 100 Steps (Demo)
2. At A Loss (Demo)

3. Blank Slate (Demo)
4. New Sun (Demo)

5. Resentment (Demo)*

*Previously Unreleased

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