The Splinter Shards The Birth Of Separation Clear Green With White Smoke

Solid State Records, in partnership with ALL members, past & present of Zao, are extremely proud announce a vinyl record repressing of “The Splinter Shards The Birth of Separation” and their legendary follow-up“Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest.”

Collaborated from-start-to-finish with the musicians on the albums & overseen by the current line up of Zao, these LPs:
- Have, for the first time, been mastered specifically for vinyl.
- Have partnered Zao back up with inceptive design illustrator David Rankin to unearth & restore the original paintings for these albums. While in the process of unarchiving these iconic masterpieces from the their 20+ year hiding places behind attic armoires in Pennsylvania, more unused artwork was found & restored for this reissue series.
- Feature a lush, matte finish jacket.
- Contain lengthy retrospective essays for each release’s insert written by David about “creating the nightmarish art of Zao.”
- Include full-sized, 12x12 card stock, double sided art prints (2 double-sided art prints included with “Splinter”) of high detail, high resolution restored artwork created at the time of the original releases, & in some cases, reimagined (1 double-sided art print included in “Blood & Fire”) to dial up the intensity of these already-ferocious records.

Co-Produced & faithfully-restored by Unoriginal Vinyl to ensure the ultimate fan experience, Zao will also be selling their own exclusive vinyl color variant of each record via their Holy Mountain Webstore in addition to shirts featuring Davd’s art. Available copies of these represses are sure to immolate faster than... well.. you know.

Not even Brandon Ebel could believe the lengths we went to in order to get these ones right

“The Splinter Shards the Birth of Separation”
Solid State Records exclusive variant via MerchNow: Clear Green with White Smoke /506
Zao exclusive version via Holy Mountain: Clear Blue with White Smoke /50

“Where Blood And Fire Bring Rest”
Solid State Records exclusive variant via MerchNow: Clear Orange with White Smoke /512
Zao exclusive version via Holy Mountain: Clear with Blue and Orange Smoke /527

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