Armor For Sleep      

What To Do When You Are Dead:15th Anniversary Edition Transparent Green

  1. Car Underwater (LP1)
  2. The Truth About Heaven (LP1)
  3. Remember To Feel Real (LP1)
  4. Awkward Last Words (LP1)
  5. Stay On The Ground (LP1)
  6. A Quick Little Flight (LP1)
  7. The More You Talk The Less I Hear (LP1)
  8. Basement Ghost Singing (LP1)
  9. Walking At Night, Alone (LP1)
  10. I Have Been Right All Along (LP1)
  11. The End of a Fraud (LP1)
  12. Who’s Gonna Lie To You (LP2)
  13. Always A Wish (LP2)
  14. Curse Into a Blessing (LP2)
  15. Standing Alone (LP2)
  16. Never Had The Chance (LP2)
  17. Car Underwater (demo) (LP2)
  18. The Truth About Heaven (demo) (LP2)
  19. Stay on the Ground (demo) (LP2)
  20. Dream to Make-Believe (demo) (LP2)
  21. All Warm (demo) (LP2)
  22. Slip Like Space (demo) (LP2)

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