The Fire Itself Deluxe

For those who want to listen digitally without the audio-harming compression/audio-quality degradation of Spotify or Apple Music, we wanted to release something that would give you the true experience of The Fire Itself across all platforms. You don't need a vinyl player (Although analog holds a special place in our hearts), to hear the album in its peak quality. This Deluxe Digital Press contains everything you need to fully immerse yourself in the music as well as the overall imagery and vision.

If you are a musician yourself, you will be happy to know that we are, for the first time ever, releasing stems and instrumentals. If you want to focus in on one of Dan's guitar leads, you will have isolated access to every single riff and pinch harmonic. If you want to play drums over top of Bryce's bass, or do a vocal cover of a song, it's now easily all there for you in the Digital Deluxe Press.

It also has a collection of thoughts from Sean, entitled "Notes In The Ashes" all about the album writing process itself. Song meanings and overall themes from each song in The Fire Itself are explored. Lyrics in this album are important to the band, and they want you to know the state of mind that led to writing them. This piece is a raw and honest stream of consciousness that dives into the head of a struggling and conflicted man. Hope or terror. Fire or Darkness.

This includes
Wav Files of the album
Guitar Stems
High Res Artwork Pics
Phone Backgrounds
Desktop Backgrounds
A collection of thoughts/album liner notes written by the band

Full Album Digital Download (sent via email on release date)
Instant track "In The Night" (sent via email at time of purchase)
Instant tracks "Eternally Apart" (sent 07/30) & "The Fire Itself" (sent 08/20)

Track List:
Eternally Apart
The Fire Itself
War You Know
Defining Moments
Holy Coward
Dream Thief
The Storm In Me
Severed By Self Betrayal
In The Night

Album release date is August 27th
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