Love Me In Black White 2XLP

"After the great success of her Best Of album ""Magic Diamonds"", which was released on her own label ""Rare Diamonds Productions"" and immediately reached number 8 in the German charts, metal queen DORO Pesch now announces the re-release of her 1998 album ""Love Me In Black"" for February 19, 2021.

The album will be released for the first time as a double LP and contains - in addition to the 14 original songs - two bonus tracks: ""Terrorvision (Desert Storm Remix) and the Elec-Trick Radio version of the title song ""Love Me In Black"".

The original album was released by WEA and was recorded in New York and Düsseldorf.

  1. Do You Like It
  2. Brutal And Effective
  3. Love Me In Black
  4. Pain
  5. Tausend Mal Gelebt
  6. Terrorvision
  7. I Don`t Care
  8. Kiss Me Good-Bye
  9. I Want You Back
  10. Long Way Home
  11. Barracuda
  12. Poison Arrow
  13. Prisoner Of Love
  14. Like An Angel
  15. Terrorvision (Desert Storm Remix)
  16. Love Me In Black (Elec-Trick Radio)
  17. Side D: Doro etching

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