Buffering the Vampire Slayer      

Once More, With... 180G Purple Marble

17 Original Songs from Buffering the Vampire Slayer's musical episode honoring "Once More, With Feeling," on 180g, purple marble vinyl with a stunning cover design by Laz Marquez. 33RPM.

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  1. Overture / Hello And Welcome
  2. Big Fucking Nerds
  3. Mustard
  4. On Ren Faire Dresses And Levitatilingus
  5. You Can Always Get Divorced
  6. Wow Wow Wow
  7. Problematic Fave
  8. O! To Be Mentioned!
  9. Gaby's Ballet
  10. Stereotype Buffet
  11. Accidental Parental
  12. On Leaving
  13. What In The Actual
  14. Once More, With Feeling
  15. Patriarchy Reimagined
  16. The End Of The Episode
  17. Codawoooooooo

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