Act II: A Window Of The Waking Mind Novella

Six years have passed since we last saw Nostrand and Nia aboard the Dark Sentencer. They’ve made a clean getaway and acquired a ship. But as plans tend to change upon becoming parents, their dreams of a quiet and protected life off-world have been long altered by the birth of their son Vaxis, a child born in need of around-the-clock medical care. They hunt relentlessly for a cure, while trying to stay off the radar of the HOSS, who have in turn, never stopped searching for the Unheavenly Creatures.

Until a chance meeting with old friends opens the door to a past the pair have been running from...and a discordant opportunity to finally help their son.

Originally accompanying Coheed and Cambria’s album of the same name, this 88-page illustrated softcover novel is the second installation in the Vaxis series. Featuring artwork by Chase Stone. Story by Claudio Sanchez, written by Chondra Echert.

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