Mindless Self Indulgence      

If Deluxe Version

Limited Edition to 25,000 worldwide. Amidst a digipack/booklet containing artwork by Jhonen Vasquez, this version contains all of the lyrics, as well as a bonus DVD. When these are gone, they will be gone for good, so if you want Jhonen's complete artwork, this is the way to go.

  1. Never Wanted To Dance (CD)
  2. Evening Wear (CD)
  3. Lights Out (CD)
  4. Prescription (CD)
  5. Issues (CD)
  6. Get It Up (CD)
  7. Revenge (CD)
  8. Animal (CD)
  9. Mastermind (CD)
  10. On It (CD)
  11. Pay For It (CD)
  12. Due (CD)
  13. Money (CD)
  14. Bomb This Track (CD)
  15. Mark David Chapman (CD)
  16. Stupid MF (Live in Birmingham 2007) (DVD)
  17. Straight To Video (Live in Birmingham 2007) (DVD)
  18. Tornado (Live at Webster Hall 2005) (DVD)
  19. Animal (Live at Webster Hall 2005) (DVD)
  20. Animal (Music Video by M Dot Strange) (DVD)

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