Volume 2 Issue 2  Comic Book

The Amory Wars      

Volume 2 Issue 2 Comic Book

Issue Two

"The Second Stage Turbine Blade, Part VII"

Mariah Antillera makes a daring escape from Dil-Ariuth IX, but the rebellion may be doomed if Inferno can't help Coheed and Cambria defeat Admiral Crom. General Mayo Deftinwolf lands his ships on Paris: Earth, but his increasing paranoia may destroy his plan for the Flies. Claudio deals with the hellish conditions of Shylos 10 -- but will Ambellina be able to find him before the Onstantine Priests? Tensions run high and power levels are out of control as "The Amory Wars" continues. Written by Claudio Sanchez. Cover art by Tony Moore. Two of Five.

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