Murder Nature 2CD

Murder Nature 2CD

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Head Control System - Murder Nature - Double-disc edition of the 2006 studio debut from Anathema’s Daniel Cardoso, and Ulver’s Kristoffer Rygg. Now remastered, including extra disc of demos and instrumentals, plus comprehensive interview. Released on Kscope on 17 November 2023.

Head Control System was a venture set out by multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Daniel Cardoso (Anathema/Sirius), originally under the moniker of SinDRomE, which developed into a dynamic and what could also be considered a somewhat trailblazing style of alternative metallic rock with prog textures. The missing piece of the puzzle was completed when Daniel was joined by partner in crime Kristoffer Rygg of long-standing Norwegian experimental - and erstwhile black metal - legends Ulver. Together with Kristoffer’s unmistakable vocal delivery and Daniel’s finely-honed instrumentation, an intricately woven opus of seduction and darkness with abstract existential musings was created in ‘Murder Nature’, the band’s only studio album to date, which was originally released back in 2006.

Recorded between Portugal and Norway in 2005-2006, and produced and mixed by Cardoso himself ‘Murder Nature’ was released to great critical acclaim, and has gained the reputation of being a lost classic of sorts over the years, whilst the compositions themselves remained timeless and ageless, and often requested for a proper and extensive reissue.

This newly remastered double-disc edition of ‘Murder Nature’, now includes a special bonus disc of unreleased instrumental and demo material from the time period, along with a cover of Seal’s hit ‘Kiss From a Rose’. The release also includes updated art and layout, and contains a booklet featuring a comprehensive interview delving into the beginnings, endings, and inner workings of the whole project, courtesy of writer Jonathan Rosenthal, plus additional words from members of other luminaries of the progressive metal scene, such as Periphery, and Between the Buried and Me.

‘Murder Nature’ stands as a pinnacle of forward-thinking metal from the 2000s, for fans of Tool, A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stone Age, and Faith No More.

1. Baby Blue [06:34]
2. Skin Flick [04:23]
3. Masterpiece [Of Art] [03:34]
4. Blunt Instrumental [03:49]
5. It Hurts [04:00]
6. Watergate [03:40]
7. Seven [04:00]
8. Kill Me [02:07]
9. Wonderworld [03:38]
10. Rapid Eye Movement [04:48]
11. Falling On Sleep [04:46]
12. Kiss From a Rose [04:18]

1. Baby Blue (instrumental) [05:18]
2. Skin Flick (instrumental) [04:26]
3. Masterpiece [Of Art] (instrumental) [03:38]
4. Watergate (instrumental) [03:43]
5. Seven (instrumental) [04:03]
6. Wonderworld (instrumental) [04:40]
7. Rapid Eye Movement (instrumental) [04:47]
8. eM lliK (Kill Me reverse) [02:07]
9. Baby Blue (Unreleased Demo) [05:18]
10. Skin Flick (Unreleased Demo) [04:24]
11. Masterpiece [Of Art] (Unreleased Demo) [03:38]

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