Sterile Black 7" Vinyl

Sterile Black 7" Vinyl

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With only a hard to find cassette demo, one sold out 7”, a smattering of blog posts and some message board banter in their wake, Philadelphia’s *Leather* have just begun to emerge from an existence unknown to all but those “in the know.” Sterile is surely not the first adjective that crosses one’s mind when confronted with the noisy hardcore on this 4 song EP, aptly described by compatriot and Clockcleaner frontman John Sharkey as the likely result “...if Tad Doyle had owned Age Of Quarrel and actually listened to it.” It’s safe to say that picking up this vinyl will mean reliving these ten minutes hundreds of times over while waiting for the next recorded dose or a chance to witness a live show (likely to be in a dilapidated warehouse or a basement as grimy as their sound).

A1 - No Motivation

A2 - Zek

B1 - Relapse

B2 - Novitiate

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