Oblivion Theater - CD
Oblivion Theater - CD

Oblivion Theater - CD

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Produced by Maulskull

Includes bonus track "Phoenix"

1. Hypodermic Forest
2. A Jubilee Of Rot
3. All The Colors Of The Dark (feat Krayzie Bone)
4. Shibari
5. Bad Vibes
6. Pigs Blood (Feat. Father)
7. Magick!
8. The End Is Nigh
9. Letter To A Neon Specter
10. Alaskan Snow (feat. Sugar Colt)
11. These Nights Are Littered With Ash
12. With You
13. In A Maze Made Of Glass
14. Phoenix (bonus track)

Release date is February 23rd, 2024. 

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